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Tamara Hunter

The "First" Next Impactor

No One To Face Cancer Alone!

Tamara Hunter’s Mission

What would you do for ONE MORE DAY? Tamara Hunter believes in healing through connections for those affected by cancer.  “Join me in mission and together we will change the way cancer is done!”  



Tamara is on a global mission to end isolation, fear and depression associated with cancer. The Executive Director and Co-founder of a nonprofit, Chemo Buddies for Life that is, “Healing Through Connections” within a community called “The Buddies Network.” Dedicated to those with all cancers, all stages this nonprofit supports the patient and also those who love and support them. “Our stand is it doesn’t matter what treatment anyone chooses, be it traditional, alternative, adjunctive; if someone hears those three words, the next thing they should do is get their own, ‘Buddy for Life!'”  

Buddies for Life

Buddies for Life

Tamara Hunter is the Executive Director and Co-founder of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to building her community of buddies globally. The buddies network has the social proof it is working. Will you help to see that anyone who hears, “You have cancer” their next step will be to get their own buddy.

Tamara Hunter

Tamara Hunter

A survivor herself, Tamara has heard, “You have cancer” for 5 people within 4 generations of her own family.  She met a “buddy” her first day of treatment.  She has dedicated her life to achieve the goal to end isolation and replace it with a community of “buddies” that are healing together with humor, hope and heart.


On August 30th, The FIRST Next Impactor will be crowned in Chicago.  Vote daily to assure that no one faces cancer alone.  The way to win is to be in FIRST PLACE!  Let’s do this!!!








Your Vote Counts

Tamara The Next Impactor


Why vote for Tamara Hunter.  She has dedicated her life to resolve an issue that has been going on far too long.  Too many people are facing the fight of their life feeling isolated and alone.  They do not have to any longer.  Yet, not enough people know that Chemo Buddies for Life is there for them.  We MUST change that.  Help us to crown Tamara as The FIRST Next Impactor.

Meet a Few of Tamara’s Buddies

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Join the movement that is changing the way cancer is done throughout the world.  Vote today by clicking onto your favorite package.

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